On demand Food Delivery Mobile App Development

Build a perfect mobile eCommerce management application with features such as multi location management, food order and delivery tracking and data analytics.

Customer App

User Profile Registration

Create sign-up and log-in options for customer using email id, social media network etc. User profile creation with basic customer details with name, phone number, email id, loyalty points etc.

Select Restaurant

User can swiftly browse through a list of restaurants from the area. Ability to select restaurants according to the cuisine/food preference and user ratings.

Payment Integration

Multiple options for the customer to choose for paying for the order. Visa, Master credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google wallet etc.

Order tracking

Helps customer track their order live to see when the food will be delivered. Gives the customer key information about the delivery and their order status.

Help & Support

Live chat or call facility to help customer with any issues or discrepancies regarding their order. 24x7 assistance to the customer for a smooth order and delivery experience.

Customer Retention Strategy

A customized loyalty points, rewards system for customers and frequent visitors. Offer personalized experience via discounts and offers on favourite items.

Restaurant App

Restaurant Login

Partner restaurants can create their own restaurant profile account by logging in and entering details. Update business info when necessary.

Manage Restaurants

Add, remove different restaurant listings on the platform. Update information of restaurants from time to time.

Manage Incoming Orders

Restaurant will get an alert as soon as an order has been placed with customer and deliver details. Real-time look into incoming, under process and dispatched orders.

Payment Tracking

Get updated on processed and pending payments from customers. Get order and customer details of failed payments and keep a track on incoming invoices.

Customer Support

Restaurants can speak to the customer directly to answer any questions or clarifications about their order.

Offers and Promos

Helps restaurants customize deals and offer promos on different days, food items. Generate offer codes and discount coupons.

Admin Panel

Manage Products

Manage different products according to cuisines and update listings on restaurants for a smooth browsing experience for customers.

Manage Restaurants

Add, remove different restaurant listings on the platform. Update information of restaurants from time to time.

Menu Management

Collecting menus from partner restaurants on a regular basis. Easily update menus given by restaurants when necessary.

Payments & Commissions

Simple and effective dashboard to keep a track on payments and commissions from customer and merchants.

Analytics & Reports

Get detailed insights into everything from orders to restaurants and payments. Business intelligence tools for better decision making.

Awesome Features

Easy Log-in/Sign-up

Quick and easy log-in and sign- up options for new and frequent customers.

Restaurant/Food Catalogue

Navigate through different restaurants and food items easily with a slick UI design.

GPS Tracker

In-built navigation system to track the order or delivery status from the mobile app itself!

Cart Management

Add the desired item to shopping in just 3 clicks. Add or remove items from the cart window.

Payment Integration

Integrate more than 40 payment options such as credit card, PayPal and digital wallets.

Customer Retention

Build an attractive loyalty points and customer rewards system for customer retention marketing strategy.

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