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Discover your guest, boost engagement, drive experience to one of the best memories, and convert existing guests to your advocates.

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Know your guests and Build better guest relationships

Helping hotels achieve profitable operations through more targeted marketing and deeper relationships with guests.

Once you have used tried-and-tested marketing strategies to generate leads online, you need to take action to convert those leads into your Guests.

"A experience can make new contacts to guests And a guest to your brand advocate."

From the point of view of your business’s bottom line, new contacts are only valuable if you can make them guests and then advocates of your brand, so it’s important to get this part of the marketing and sales process right.

Salient Features

Turn more leads into guests

Real time alerts

Respond in minutes

Connects to sales & catering

Monitor Pipeline

Create and manage tasks

Track communications

Send automated emails

Manages billing

The Easiest CRM Tool for Hotel Customer Relationship Management at Your Fingertips

Grow Faster with iCONNECT CRM

Hotels are successfully driving & penetration by using The iCONNECT CRM.

  • Guest Engagement
  • Digital Proposal and Agreements
  • Improve Guest Survey Experience
  • Sales Analytics and AI Intelligence
  • Improve Communication between Guest and Sales Team for Event Management