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The Worlds of Technology, Business & Philanthropy Are Absolutely Intertwined

The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.

No matter how privileged people in tech industry are, no one can ignore some of the harsh realities. Poverty, illiteracy, hunger, homelessness are growing concerns which affect millions of people every day.

At Symphony Solution we truly believe that technology can be used to bring a monumental change. Connecting those in need to those who can help is the first step towards social change!

With this goal in mind, we launched HelpingHand365! A digitally powered platform that invites people to share stories, raise money and donate to the causes that touch their heart!

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A crowd funding platform focusing on giving people-in-need maximum reach and exposure to raise money for issues that matter.

A completely free platform with Global outreach for people to tell stories and crowdfund campaigns.

Explore campaigns, search for issues that matter and donate money to causes that touch your heart.

Donate to campaigns and know how much impact it will have on the life of the beneficiaries.


HelpingHand365 App

Let's make a difference together!