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Why R2E2 is best Suited for Your Business?

R2E2 chatbot helps you to collect leads for your business which drives revenue and provides intuitive and smart experience to visitors by resolving their queries online


Build an AI Chat Bot and generate tremendous ROI While Automating chats

Get More Qualified Leads

Replace web Forms with more qualified leads with R2E2 AI enabled Chatbot.People are 3X likely to engage on live chat than web forms.

Better Customer Retention

Chatbot is an excellent way to engage customers with your brand and build long lasting relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.

Faster Response Rate

Respond fast to the customer queries that helps to close more deals. Since customer wants quick interaction to solve their queries.

Delight Customers

AI Chatbots interacts with users in more intuitive and personalized manner to solve their queries that results in customer delight and helps to build long lasting relationships.

Improves Efficiency

AI Chatbot boosts efficiency of an organization by responding fast to customer queries in real time and solve their challenges.

Grow Revenue

It helps to maximize revenue by understanding customer queries in real time and close more profitable deals that maximize ROI for businesses

R2E2 Bot Brings Human touch Across All Industries


R2E2 E-commerce chatbots helps customers to browse your products in more convenient way that helps in increase customer engagement and brings hyper Personalization.


R2E2 bot is like virtual health assistance that helps with clinical decisions by booking appointments with personal touch and helps to reduce all kind of clinical errors


Leverage the power of R2E2 bot to connect with members,agents,customers,brokers for instant insurance solutions and it tells about premium due date as well.


R2E2 bot helps to serve your customers in a better way with enhanced customer support that boosts revenue and help to get feedback status via Chatbot.


It enhances the travel experience and delight users by solving their queries like booking status, finding hotels etc. In the form of interactive Chatbot.


It offers conversational platform to customers by solving their booking,delivery, shipment tracking and customer support related queries in the form of sophisticated Chatbot.

R2E2 Creates Chatbot Across all major Platforms

Build Chatbot for these Platforms.

Website Chatbot

Build a website chatbot for better customer support.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Acquire Leads from Whatsapp Chatbot easily.

SMS Chatbot

Better conversions through SMS Chatbot.

Are You Looking to create customized Chatbot Solution for your Business?

We build Intelligent bots that stores all conversational data thus helps you train accordingly to respond better in future.