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Customized Healthcare IT Solutions Interaction With The Legacy Enterprise System

It is high time to move beyond traditional telehealth, home monitoring & measurement, medication & health reminder solutions, the leap of technology has clearly indicated it.

We at Symphony focus on innovating, designing and developing upstanding digital healthcare solutions by putting the patient at the center and health in the hands of consumers.

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We Salvage Pain Areas In Healthcare IT Industry



Empower a More Efficient and Smarter Workforce.

Innovating new capabilities to help healthcare employees work better, faster and productive by focusing on patients and not on administrative tasks.



Promote Patient Engagement from multiple touchpoints.

Our patient-centric approach empowers them to access medical care from any device by offering collaboration tools supporting voice, chat, video, and document sharing.

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Reduce the chances of loss with quantified cyber risks.

Helping healthcare enterprises in achieving business growth, managing financial, legal safety quality and compliance risks like a pro.

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Fixing the broken pricing market to meet consumer expectations.

Let the patient be a host to his own medical journey – Solutions to track procedures, billing methods, quality of care for achieving excellent all-round efficiency.



Maximize efficiency and productivity to increase ROI.

Customized tools to automate administrative tasks, improve communication, and help healthcare employees to do their work more effectively and efficiently.

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Look beyond hospitals to other facilities and services.

Bridging the gap between expected service and experience of the service, from patient’s point of view. Ensure your health services are meeting patients’ needs.

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Enterprise Healthcare Management (EHM)

We assist you in the digital transformation to create a more unified approach towards business growth with operational excellence, strong digital service backbone, and ongoing organizational redesign. Proficient in Cloud, IoT, analytic tools and technologies we will help you scale new business processes and outcomes.

Adult Day Care

Mobile consultation and ePrescriptions to senior citizens in the adult day care. Providing education and training to the support staff for operating mobile apps and web portals. Provisions to offer mHealth for care homes including teleconsultations between care home and hospitals. Facility to raise alarms/sensors, pendant alarms.

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Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Evolving healthcare has enhanced patient expectations. Patients want healthcare solutions that are coordinated, convenient customized & accessible. Managed patient data, responsive interface, appointment manager, alerts and informatory functions are some of the features empowering patient engagement solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Improve the efficiency of patient care by empowering your healthcare staff the ability to check vital signs of the patient and adjust the medical equipment remotely. Continuous communication between patient and nurse that is efficient and private increases productivity, saves time & intensifies overall quality of healthcare enterprise.

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We deliver digitally advanced solutions to help healthcare enterprises break the barriers of traditional approach.

Cloud compatible solutions offering 24/7 access to patient health information from any device and any location.

Solutions to enhance communication between employees, systems, technologies and data.

Solutions compatible for any devices from smartphone, tablets to all other touch points.


Patient and care provider engagement is made intuitive, realistic and productive.

Patient engagement enables his/her active participation in recovery journey right from the start.

Transparent solutions enabling patients to track history, prescriptions, records, reports and billing any time and from anywhere.

Collaborative approach leading to Shared decision-making .


While developing healthcare solutions we strictly differentiate them between Preference Based and Evidence Based healthcare solutions.

Our enterprise applications and healthcare solutions are focused on providing customized & personalized communication approach for each individual.

100% guaranteed security of the data and records complying with all rules and regulations governing data and healthcare industry.

Let us unite and create the next healthcare IT solution

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