Symphony Innovation Lab

  • Experiment.
  • Iterate.
  • Implement.

Creating path breaking products through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT.

Lab Experiments

At Symphony Solution, we are driven by the need to raise the bar of the current technology and experiment on the future tech trends.
By launching Symphony Innovation Lab we will fast track towards future of mobile application design and development.

AI generated Voice Search

Integrating Google and iOS voice assistant into business applications. In-app navigation made easier than ever before. Integrate Voice Search navigation in different business applications for faster user experience.

Machine Learning

Building Chatbots to help businesses achieve better customer care. Customized business tool for better in-office communication. Explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and implement in mobile applications.

Internet of Things

Smartly connecting technology and platforms beyond the realms of smart homes. Implement scalable IoT system for businesses and industries. Penetrating the Healthcare industry through disruptive IoT powered tech products.

AI Generated Voice Search Engine

  • We have developed our very own AI generated Voice Search engine framework which facilitates in-app navigation.
  • Through this technology, we aim to revolutionize businesses by implementing voice search feature in mobile applications.
  • By converting commands to binary – voice search will be faster and smarter than ever before!
  • Voice search is the future and through our powerful framework will be used to implement the feature in websites as well.

Thought Leadership


Healthcare industry

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry forms an important part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominance that is slowing taking place in today’s digital age. From nurses and doctors to insurance companies, many people have adopted machine


Press Release

Voice Search Integration

Successful AI Generated Voice Search Integration in My AdultDayCare Application

Symphony Solution is proud to announce successful integration of Voice Search feature in My AdultDayCare mobile application with the help of Artificial Intelligence. My AdultDayCare is a cloud based Practice management software...