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UI/UX Development – Make That First impression To Engage Users

“The motive behind UX/UI design in to create engaging, intuitive and easy to use user interfaces for various platforms in industrial consumer products. A productive UI design delivers positive user experience resulting in improved safety and productivity.”

A user interface is considered as a mode of communication between people and their machines. We ensure our UI/UX designs are intuitive, enjoyable and quick.

If most of your audiences are eager to use your products and services. An appealing UI/UX design ensures their effortless journey offering higher satisfaction rate, lower user churn rate, growth in market audience, getting more loyalty points and wining more consumers.

Do you want to impress, engage, retain & delight your customers?

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35% of digital engagements lasts less than a minute

74% of the times, UI/UX plays a key role in User Retention

UI/UX Development Services


User Interface Design

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We start working on user interface designs, where efficiency and impact are top priorities. We merge your business goals and customer needs to create a stunning user interface that acts as a window through which world experiences your brand and your products.


Instructional Design & Illustration

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Effective and high-quality training is underpinned by professional and relevant instructional design. Serious about the front-end development we design interactive process that improves the efficiencies in design and development, but most importantly – the outcome.


User Interface Style Guides

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We are passionate to create great user interfaces driving powerful user experience. Our process starts with intelligent design thinking concepts, carried to the detailed wireframing process and results into development ready mockups, HTML prototypes bringing the vision to reality.


Rapid Prototyping

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Our rapid prototyping services have helped companies to receive imperative feedbacks, fail fast, revise, iterate and bring back the best of products in a fast paced environment. We use rapid prototyping to test and verify designs before full-blown product development begins.


CSS Based Screen Templates

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Leaving behind the browser-specific tags, incompatible DOMs, Broken CSS Support and abandoned browsers we offer you a demonstration of what you could accomplish through CSS-based designs with our bespoke CSS-based Scree Temple designs with our specialized skills in LESS, SASS, etc.


Mobile Design & Development

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Designing interfaces that are consistent with your projects information, goals, and customer expectations, we design and develop mobile apps from initial concept to wireframes, designs, and prototypes. From user interface to branding and from UI/UX to testing we handle everything.

The symphony Advantages

Responsive Designs

Responsive designs offer the finest viewing experience to the viewer providing a competitive edge to your website or mobile app to stay one-step ahead of the latest devices. It does not matter whether the solution will be viewed on a desktop or a mobile device; we use fluid design to optimize the responsiveness of the created design.

User-friendly UI

We create interfaces to engage your customers in new and surprising ways by understanding their behavior and psychology. We independently conduct field research, remote user testing, ethnographic studies, usability testing, user task modeling to create the most appealing, intuitive and engaging UI designs.

Stand Out from Competition

We do not create UI designs based on assumptions; instead, we prefer designs defining your products or services by highlighting its qualities and resonating with customers. Competition assessment, service design, product strategy, concept development, touch point integration, etc., are some traits we follow for compelling UI designs.

Enthralling UI/UX

Our efforts are focused on delivering a WOW experience to your customers for the product or services you are offering. Whether it is customer, retail or user experience designs or it may be mobile, multi-touch, or user interface designs we do it all. Right from information architecture, flow designs, navigation to prototype development you are always in the loop.

Brand Identity

Our designs are a visual representation of your business ideas, messages, and brand elements. Wherever necessary we create designed packages including animated presentation for your product or service. Re branding or harmonizing your products and services with photo-realistic rendered pictures for all range of products independent of size and complexity is our expertise.

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