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Musiqui is a music/entertainment app designed by us, especially for the music passionate users. The founders of Musiqui Inc. had a clear concept – All people have a hidden singer in them but they shy away from singing in public. If a platform were provided to them to display their singing skills and be applauded then people would love to sing their heart out. Musiqui is that one platform where normal people would sing their heart out without any restrictions and inhibitions.

The app is developed in such a manner that users without the knowledge of technical know-how can make the most out of magic tune. The app is empowered with an extensive database of karaoke songs. The user just has to choose his/her favorite song & sing it wholeheartedly. If the song turns out nicely, then it can be shared with other users, family members or within the Musiqui community to claim a fair share of your fame. Who knows this might prove to be the first step towards stardom.

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