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Client came to us with the need to develop a one-stop app for booking any cab operator; we developed and delivered Cabwala an Android App. The online taxi market in India is growing accommodating a number of players; this app serves as a one-stop app for booking any can operator after careful evaluation. Indian is a land of various languages and has one of the largest smartphone penetration rate. We focused our approach to provide a friendly feel (UI) to all these users. We innovated a little and made available this app in many Indian languages.

Cabwala is designed with many beneficial features like fare comparison, availability check, finding and booking a nearest available cab, in-app cab booking, etc. The beauty of this app is, passengers or users can also book an auto using this app. Right now Cabwala is offering services in selected cities; however, the founders are aiming to gauge the global market in coming years.

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