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*Have you eaten yet? – Taking care of your lunch & Dinner*

Recently Dahmakan became the first food-delivery start-up to raise significant capital in Southeast Asia this year, closing a $1.3 million seed-funding round. NFQ Capital, East Ventures, Asia Venture Group, Grupara, and a former Nestle CEO are among the angel investors.

Dahmakan is a healthy food delivery app, geographically limited to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Due to daily changing menu, free home delivery, and pork-free contents, thousands of Malaysians on daily basis are using Dahmakan. If you are in Kuala Lumpur - confused what to eat, Dahmakan has the answer – experience how?

Shamsul the Five Start Hotel Executive chef is the leading person responsible for preparing a daily menu for dahmakan. Shamsul uses only freshest ingredients arrived directly from the farm, to prepare or curate only three dishes daily for lunch and dinner. The best thing about the app is it allows users to pre-order. Users can book their meal orders about 2 weeks before. Unbelievably, these orders are delivered on specific date and time at your doorstep without reminder.

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