Lifestyle app   development for Android and IOS

A community helping each other by connecting skills to needs locally.





Connecting Skills With Needs – Locally & Worldwide

Client approached us with a unique idea to bridge the gap between local skills and needs. We gave him WhizzTips – developed for Android and iOS, it is a platform connecting experts in different fields with people in need of specific advice or a fix. When you are looking for expert advice and services or you are fighting for fairness and affordability, you will definitely find a smart friend or a skilled professional who will help you in a true sense more than what a faceless corporate offers.

We designed WhizzTips for people looking to take care of some niggling tasks faced at home. This dynamic platform has an ability to expand depending on the household daily needs. Appealing features, user-centric approach, and smooth navigation ensures user is always in charge of the app; especially while determining budget of a specific task. The app extends its services not only to the individuals but also to the companies. Thus, users   have a wider choice of help in completing a task that is a little complex in nature. Experts - “Whizzes” and people looking for “Tips” connect here to get their complex issues resolved – Affordably & without Boundaries.

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